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With all the issues surrounding wooden fences such as rotting, painting, staining and general weathering, it’s no surprise that a new product was created to solve these issues.

PVC fences (also known as a vinyl fence) is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a thermoplastic resin. This low maintenance alternative to traditional wood fencing is a great way to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on maintenance. There is little work needed on your fence once it’s installed so it’s almost completely maintenance free! Our PVC fence will never warp, rot, peel, blister and requires no sanding or painting. Just hose it down with water to keep it clean and looking good.

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With greater color and texture, our PVC fence is designed to last with our colors providing superior sun protection. With ultraviolet inhibitors, impact modifiers, 100% virgin vinyl and consistent thicknesses; we know our fences are the best on the market today.

The long-term durability of PVC picket fences, private fences, landscape fences and horse fences makes them safe, strong, and durable. They come is a wide range of styles and colors with a wood grain that looks authentic and recreates a natural, organic feel.

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Awesome strength and four times more flexible than wood fencing, our PVC fences have steel reinforced bottom rails with hidden fasteners with a sleek, clean finish. The fence posts and routed rails are more secure than wood and allows for thermal expansion. The precision-routed rails are easy to assemble and are safe and secure.

We back our products with a great warranty and with many years in the PVC industry we have the technical know how and international quality standards to ensure the longest durability. We comply to building code and ensure the highest standards of performance for our PVC fences including high wind conditions and use around swimming pools.

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